Fresh Gear with a Purpose!

Mission Statement

Code 3 Outreach (C3O) is one of New Jersey’s newest, exciting, up and coming cannabis brands which focuses on advocating medicinal marijuana for our First Responders and Veterans. Starting only in June 2020, C3O has already made an impact in this community by promoting awareness and education on the treatment of PTSD and how various cannabis products are providing relief to pain physically seen and not. As we do this, we are actively giving back to our communities!

As a former Firefighter/EMT and a current patient in the NJMMP, I have noticed a dire need for this informational platform and have chosen to make it a top priority to reach as many people as possible. We have officially launched as an apparel / social media brand with the initial focus on building a following and raising awareness on the legalization vote on November 3rd. A portion of every sale is set aside to be donated directly to our local volunteer fire departments and first aid squads. The slogan "Calm in Chaos" holds a double meaning. For those who have run into burning buildings, for those who have been shot at, for those who have done everything to save a life they know that in the midst of those moments you have to be the calm in the chaos. For some who relive those moments every day or night, have pain from physical injuries, or deal with sleep issues we believe that cannabis products offer a viable means of calm in chaos. Our goal is to have our brand in every dispensary and local smoke shop to do all we can, not only for this highly overlooked and under dealt with issue, but to give back. We look forward to being able to reach as many First Responders and Veterans possible. Since our start, we have already heard multiple success stories due to the information we have provided and know we are going to be able to reach many more. We do have big plans for the future so we always ask that you please show your support and follow our journey on Instagram @code3outreach!

Stay Safe!